• Every event and tour we create is unique

    amazing and unforgettable

    We create not only events, but amazing experiences. Come to one of our tours or have our creative team take your vision - combine it with the hottest venues and then wrap it in awesome state-of-the-art atmosphere, music, food, drink and luxury transportation and amenities to bring the total experience to life.

What We’re About . . .

Reinvent Event Creation & Planning

Our goal was simple – to reinvent adventure creation and planning – to take it up to the next level: to use our expertise to craft great, cutting – edge and unforgettable experiences for our clients and guests. We are Long Island hospitality experts, our knowledgeable team of professionals provide exclusive access, insider knowledge and convenience.

Create your experience
Tailor Made
Our expert team of hospitality professionals will help you personalize any group or individual event.
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Customized Packages
We will customize a daily event to fit the needs of your group for corporate parties, birthday celebrations, bachelorette and bachelor parties and more. We will ensure you have great time and avoid the frustration of planning.
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Group Tours
Check out our selection of exclusive group offerings bringing you awesome pre-set packages.
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Our luxury fleet selection will get you to and from your destination safely and in style.
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Sunrise Junket™ Created Events and Tours » Vineyard and brewery tours
» Wine and craft beer tastings
» Music festivals
» Beach parties
» Pop up parties
» Ski resort festivals
» Brewery and distillery tours
Business » New product launch
» Beverage launch
» Music promotion
» Bar/club promotion
» Design collection launch
Personal » Custom private parties
» Special private events
» Personalized Exclusive luxury transports
» Concert transports
Executive Retreats » Unique spin on corporate tours
» Accommodation
» Personal service
» Private Drivers on Luxury Cars
» Exclusive concierge
Our unique tours and events always provide you with an opportunity to meet new and interesting people. This is great place to find new connections for personal interests as well as for business. If you want to have a good time, just relax and let us guide you through our exclusive selection of tours and events.
Long Island Local Experts

As the go-to people for entry to the hottest and most up to date tours & events on Long Island, our team strives to deliver the ultimate luxury experience. Follow us to the many hidden gems and awesome places on Long Island that only we can take you.

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