Our Services

Here are some of the services that we can provide that are the key elements in creating a great experience:

Since your tour is unique, the application of the services used will also be uniquely configured.

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  • Meet with you to capture your vision.
  • Turn your vision into an event and tour design.
  • Plan every detail of the event and tour – with awesomeness in mind.
  • Amazing venue
  • The right atmosphere
  • Luxury transportation
  • Trending music
  • Great food
  • Perfect drinks for the event (‘mixologist’ if needed)
  • DJ, MC, etc. as it fits the event
  • Valet parking (if needed)
  • Other amenities needed to make it happen.
  • Event and tour detail management
  • On-site logistics and coordination
  • Awesomeness
Tailor Made
Our expert team of hospitality professionals will help you personalize any group or individual event.
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Customized Packages
We will customize a daily event to fit the needs of your group for corporate parties, birthday celebrations, bachelorette and bachelor parties and more. We will ensure you have great time and avoid the frustration of planning.
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Group Tours
Check out our selection of exclusive group offerings bringing you awesome pre-set packages.
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Our luxury fleet selection will get you to and from your destination safely and in style.
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